What People are Saying about Local Thyme

“I can just plug in “kohlrabi” or “eggplant” and dinner ideas pop out at me!  Since most of Local Thyme recipes use pantry ingredients plus veggies it is easy to plan ahead for quick dinners throughout the week.  We’re not vegetarian, but we are eating so many more veggies now!  Plus this dreaded summer dinner process is fun, the food is delicious, and I save money and thyme (HAH) using this service!” –Karla K, Crossroads Community Farm Member

“This idea is GENIUS!” –Beth R, Wholesome Harvest Member

“Dear Farmer John: Just wanted to pass along our sincere thanks for such a wonderful CSA experience.  We are “first-timers” – with a two year old and an eight month old, I was concerned that joining this summer might be a little overwhelming – but in truth, it’s simplified our lives tremendously. Angelic Organics partnership with Local Thyme has made grocery shopping/menu planning a snap…and I think it’s actually saved us money in the long run, because their recipes rely so much on just your produce + pantry staples.  It truly has been a delight – and an eating adventure – all summer.  We love it! (and we hope you continue to partner with Local Thyme – they really think up some delicious and inventive stuff!)” Thanks so very much, Nora B, Member Angelic Organics

“Chef Pat is so creative, and understands how to cook her way through a box of veggies. Partnering with Local Thyme has been a no-brainer for me, my members have loved it and are more likely to re-up with me because they are wasting fewer veggies.” –Farmer Rufus Hauke, Keewaydin Farms

“The recipe service has been terrific! What a great way to help us meal plan! Please keep this option!”–Jara K, Member Angelic Organics

“You have a great thing going with your service and great recipes in your archives! Thanks for everything so far and be assured we will be promoting Local Thyme to our members again next year!”–Farmer Emily Griffin Sheahan, Flushing CSA

“Local Thyme has saved my life this summer!  I work til 5ish, pick up my veggie box, and by the time I get home my kids are HUNGRY and not pleasant… The recipes are EASY, TRUSTWORTHY and DELICIOUS. I’ve used every vegetable every week and my husband is even involved!  What more could you ask for- another wife or a 36 hour day??”– Anna S, Tipi Farm Member

“Did my farm renew with you this year? Last year I really got my money’s worth out of my weekly box. And it was because of your website.”–Cynthia B, Angelic Organics Farm Member

“Really cool service that is associated with my CSA program. They provide a bunch of recipes that are all very different. Super simple and easy recipes to more complex and interesting recipes, and some very unique and “outside of the box” recipes too. Totally awesome service and makes using all my veggies with my CSA box a breeze!” — Jason O, Angelic Organics Farm Member

“We love your recipes, please tell me that you’ll be working with our farm again this year!” — Alice L, Burning River Farm Member