Why pay for a recipe source when there are so many free recipe sources online?

There are several benefits when you join and pay for this service which include:

  • WE SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY.  You don’t have to search through multiple websites and blogs for recipes, or compile a shopping list – we do all the work for you. Since many of our recipes use your veggies and basic pantry items, AND you’ll eat your veggies without waste, you’ll save $$.
  •  OUR MENUS AND RECIPES ARE LOCAL / SEASONAL: Many recipe sites don’t focus on local seasonal recipes – so you’ll often see recipes that call for asparagus and tomatoes but asparagus and tomatoes aren’t in season at the same time here!
  • OUR RECIPES WORK. When you read people’s blogs, you don’t know if the recipe works. Ours are developed by trained, professional chefs, and have been tested.
  • AD-FREE PRIVACY: We don’t have annoying pop-up ads, or any ads at all! And we do NOT track or sell your viewing/clicking. Your privacy is not guaranteed on most blogs and other “free” sites.
  • WE WILL EXTEND THE BOUNTY OF YOUR BOX BEYOND THE GROWING SEASON. We will be offering you recipes that will preserve some of your veggies for use after your CSA ends.
  • OUR MENU PLANS USE UP YOUR WHOLE BOX: No more veggie guilt! The food goes in your tummy, not your compost.
I am looking for a meal planning service that I can use for my family without joining a CSA farm.  Do you provide that?

We offer a Seasonal Menu Plan.  You receive a weekly meal plan featuring what is fresh and in season, available at farmer’s market or your local foods coop. Or you can join the site and create your own menus. 


I don’t see my farm/csa listed as partner – what do I do?

You can create an individual basic membership that will help you use up all your veggies. 

What do you mean by Omnivore? I am not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat red meat……

We mean willing to eat meat or seafood. When we propose our menus, we will offer things like “Grilled Chicken (or pork tenderloin or fish) over Salad of Arugula, Mizuna, Snap Peas with Feta Dressing. (hey, that sounds good, I should develop a recipe for that……) On your shopping list it will say “4 chicken breasts, or substitute about 1.5 pounds meat or seafood of your choice. We also offer some meatless options in the omnivore meal plan — because, even though my family is omnivorous, we often eat vegetarian meals too. I figure people who MUST have meat for it to be a meal can always just grill a steak or grab a rotisserie chicken to go with dinner.

I would like access to a local /seasonal recipe source, but don’t need weekly mealplans – is that an option?

Sure – just choose basic membership on our sign up link.

What day of the week will I get my mealplan?

We currently post our Farmer’s Market meal plan on Friday afternoons, because the vast majority of farmer’s markets are on Saturdays. If you are a basic member, you will receive a weekly email with what’s cooking at Local Thyme on Friday as well.

What if I don’t want to make a recipe in your mealplan?

We’re not the food police — we won’t make you! Remember, if you liked a recipe you’ve already done, you can return to it in our recipe section or you can save it with personalized notes in your recipe box. We’re eager to provide new ideas every week, but we know you may not want to try something new every week. We also have a feature where  you can pull together recipes for your own meal plan and generate your own shopping list of ingredients.

Can I buy a membership to Local Thyme as a gift?

Yes. Contact us at Our Support Page and we’ll get you set up. We need the email address of the person being gifted and the date you want them notified of their account.

How often do you repeat recipes?

We will not repeat recipes in our weekly meal plan within a year. We will bring back some really well received recipes from year to year. However, you can repeat recipes any time you like! Just click on the main ingredient to find recipes for that veggie in our recipe database.

I forgot my username or password – what should I do?

Click the “forgot” button on the login page and we’ll email you the directions to get back into the system. If you do click “forgot” but don’t receive a link, just email us.

Can I pay with a check?

Yes – absolutely.

Where do I mail the check?

118 Forest Street Madison WI 53726