Membership Options

We have Membership Options available for Farms to purchase and share with members; OR Individuals can join and gain access to our resources.

Farm Options

We offer three options for Farms. A Full CSA Menu Planning Service where we provide custom menu planning to all your subscribers, along with a basic recipe service where we provide two weekly recipes along with access to hundreds of CSA friendly recipes!


Basic Recipe Service

$500 / Year

We provide two weekly recipes for your newsletter or blog featuring two vegetables of your choice, and allow your CSA subscribers access to our website where they receive access to hundreds of CSA-friendly, chef-tested recipes, vegetable ID section, cooking tips, and 7-days-a-week recipe support from the chefs.

Full CSA Menu Planning Service

$150 / Week of Service

We provide custom menu planning that uses all the vegetables in the box! We plan 3 meals a week — vegetarian, omnivore and gluten free. In addition to a customized menu every week that uses all the produce in the box, we provide a shopping list for any items not in the box. We have a vegetable ID section, and lots of tips and tricks. To find out more about adding this menu planning service as part of your CSA subscription, contact us! We are currently accepting a small number of new partner farms.


Membership Options

We offer three different types of memberships. For those who are already a member of one of our CSA Farms your membership is already taken care of. If you are not part of one of the CSA farms, no worries we offer two different memberships for you. You can take advantage of our menu planning, by signing up under our farmers market menu plan. Otherwise you can select our basic plan – no meal plan and get access to our online database of local, seasonal recipes, vegetable ID, tips and tricks, cooking support and more. Your choice!


Basic Membership - No Meal Plan

$15 / Year

Access to our online database of local, seasonal recipes, vegetable ID, tips and tricks, cooking support and more.