Local Thyme is a Menu Planning Service with a Mission

May 6, 2014 – For Immediate Release

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Menu planning services have sprouted up all over the internet, but Local Thyme is a standout in the crowd – they are a menu planning service on a mission – to end Veggie Guilt one week at a time!

2014’s biggest food trend is eating locally sourced seasonal veggies, but people often don’t know how to use the unusual veggies they get from CSA farms or farmers markets and co-ops. Local Thyme provides seasonal menu planning centered on VEGGIES. We teach families how put veggies on their plate, not the compost,  with our extensive veggie-centric recipe database, shopping lists, veggie ID section, tips and tricks and cooking videos.

Local Thyme, the brain child of Fair Share CSA Coalition Chef Patricia Mulvey, is the largest collection of seasonal, vegetable centric recipes on the internet. For the past 2 year, Chef Mulvey has provided CSA farms with menu plans that help their members use every vegetable in every weekly share all harvest season long.  This year, she is opening the service up to include gardeners, Farmer’s Market and Co-Op shoppers – anyone who is seeking to make seasonal vegetables the star of their plates.

“I can’t tell you how many times I wandered through a farmers market and happily grabbed up all kinds of colorful treats, then made it home and thought “what should I make with all of this. I will realize, hey I have an eggplant, some onions, garlic, zucchini and basil – if only I had thought to grab tomatoes I could have made Ratatouille!” says Mulvey. “So I thought, arm people with a shopping list and seasonal ideas before they get to market, and they will be sure to come home with all the things they need for their week’s meals.”

Karla Knobel, a Madison resident, chooses to use Local Thyme’s menu generating and shopping list features to brainstorm what to do with the bounty from her garden. “I can just plug in whatever I’ve harvested and figure out what handful of things I may need to cook delicious meals – most of the recipes use just pantry ingredients plus veggies – so I save a lot of money using this service! I’m not vegetarian, so I still grab a steak or pork chops every week, but I am eating so many more veggies now!”

Cynthia B. a member of Angelic Organics CSA recently wrote to Chef Mulvey to make sure her farm was joining Local Thyme again,  “Last year was the first time I got my money’s worth out of my weekly box. And it was because of your website.”

With individual memberships to the site for as little as $20, you can search for recipes in an advertising-free and personal-information-tracking-free environment – very different than what you get at “free” sites. And unlike many blogs, all these recipes are Chef-tested.  Visit localthyme.com to get started eating more veggies today.



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