Farmer’s Market Shopper Meal Plan

shutterstock_45686395You asked for it, and we are excited to launch a new Farmer’s Market Shopper Menu Plan for individuals who want weekly menu planning based on items purchased from your local farmer’s market. We offer  “Summer Season” weekly meal plans that will run from June through November, and “Winter Market” plans that run from December through May. These include:

  • a choice of Omnivore, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Meal Plans
  • Shopping list of Farmer’s Market Produce and Pantry Items needed each week
  • Meal Plans for approximately 3-4 meals each week
  • Access to our website, with Veggie ID, the largest database of our own, chef-tested recipes highlighting seasonal vegetables
  • Cooking support, 7-days-a-week
  • And more
  • Priced at $60 for each season –it’s a great way to incorporate local foods into your diet. It also make a great gift! And our plan supports your local farmers!

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