Farmer Information to Share with Members

Hey Farmers: here is sample language you could email your members to introduce them to Local Thyme:

Subject: Try a CSA Meal Planning Service for Free

Dear Members:

We are writing to share with you an excellent resource you may want to try. Local Thyme was rated the #1 seasonal, vegetable-centric cooking resource over any website, cookbook or magazine by its close to 10,000 members. Local Thyme offers individual memberships for as low as $20. A 1-month  free trial is available here.

Membership gets you access to the searchable 4,000 recipe database; vegetable ID section with pictures, basic prep,  storage and preservation info; a cooking tips and tricks guide; cooking support from the chefs; a feature that allows you to generate a menu and a shopping list, and much more. Read about it here.

Our goal is help you get your veggies on the plate, not in the compost, so you can have the full benefit of membership to our farm. This service will help you do just that – eat your veggies!


Your Farmer

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